Bespoke Design

Ottoman Empire will design an ottoman to your specifications and size. If you are looking for a bespoke design, please call us on 01788 552010 to discuss this.

We also offer a service where we will upholster the ottoman or footstool using fabric that you supply. We have indicated how much fabric is needed for each ottoman displayed on this site.

As a manufacturer of ottomans and footstools, we are legally responsible to ensure the furniture and fabric comply with the current UK Fire Retardance regulations.

If you are in any doubt about a bolt of fabric then ask. If you are buying from a local shop or your interior designer, then we advise you to ask if it passes the cigarette and match tests, or if it is an exempt fabric. The Sch 3 BI, or Schedule 3 Barrier Interlining, can be used on an exempt fabric instead of having to have the fabric treated.

Please contact us for bespoke design.